Philanthropy Champions

Philanthropy Champions

In June, we received massive support for our water drive. After putting a press release out for the urgent need, the Nashville community stepped up and the Mission was blessed with an abundance of water!

The Mission received 20+ pallets of water last week from surrounding counties, including 780 cases (16 pallets) collected by Windham Professionals Inc.

Local radio station Mix 92.9 spent two consecutive days collecting donations on behalf of Nashville Rescue Mission. Between the two days, Mix 92.9, Nashville Humane Association, and Twice Daily donated over 1000 bottles of water.

Nashville Rescue Mission is so grateful for these generous blessings—thank you to everyone who participated in our summer water drive! 

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Hope To Others #H20



It’s June, and summer is here! As the heat continues to rise throughout the summer, there is one thing that all of us need to keep going—water.

Without proper hydration, the body can actually shut down. Those that suffer from homelessness are particularly susceptible to severe dehydration. In caring for Nashville’s homeless, we want to meet as many of their needs as possible, and that includes providing hope, even through something as small as a water bottle.

That’s where we need your help! This summer, you can partner with Nashville Rescue Mission to provide water to the homeless through our Help To Others (#H20) campaign.

Here is how you can participate:

  1. Download our #H20 digital documents from the Resources page on our website by clicking here.
  2. Share them on your social media, through an email, or any other way to spread the word.
  3. Drop your water bottles off at our Gift-In-Kind center at 616 7th Avenue South.
  4. Snap a picture of your donation and tag us on social channels.
  5. Know that your kindness has helped bring hope to others.



Shining A Light For The Lord

Shining A Light For The Lord

One day the Lord put Matthew 5:16 on Sarah’s heart. After spending some time praying about it, Sarah and her husband Jason received a letter in the mail from Nashville Rescue Mission that mentioned a need for volunteers. This seemed like a great opportunity to shine their light into the lives of those in need.

When Sarah called, the volunteer coordinator asked if she would be willing to lead a Bible study for the women staying at the Mission. Six years later and she is still teaching the Bible to women who are in the first phase of the Mission’s Life Recovery Program. “I care deeply for those who are broken hearted and those who are in need,” said Sarah.

“Reaching out to the women who are taking their first big step on their journey of recovery at the Mission fulfills me in ways I can’t explain. It is a blessing to walk with them. And God gets all the glory for that.”

Soon after Sarah started leading the Bible study, she and her husband Jason felt called to lead a monthly chapel service for the women. “The ladies really enjoy it when Sarah and Jason are here,” said Jean Lazenby, assistant director, Women’s Guest Services. “They’ve been coming for several years now and feel like family. Many of the women have gotten to know them and have a strong connection to them and the message they bring.”

Today, Sarah and Jason have added a second monthly chapel service into the mix—this time at the men’s campus. “We have a

passion for the men and women at the Mission. We want to reach out to them and share the love of Christ with them,” said Jason. Over the last six years, they’ve had the opportunity to minister to hundreds of homeless and hurting individuals staying at the Mission. “The Mission reflects the love of God,” said Sarah. “And it is the heart of Nashville.”

“Until you actually talk with an individual, you really don’t know their story or how they got there … you only have assumptions,” said Jason. “Some are homeless because of things that happened beyond their control, others are homeless because of choices they’ve made, or maybe they’ve been uprooted from their home and now they’re trying to get back on their feet. It’s enlightening to minister to them and to hear more of their stories. This experience has given us a different perception on the individuals who are struggling with homelessness and are staying at the Mission.”

“During one of our chapel services, a man approached the altar with tears in his eyes,” shared Jason. “I was surprised when he told me that at one time in his life he had been a youth pastor. Yet on that day he was filled with guilt and shame. I had the privilege of praying with him and reminding him of Jesus’ love for him. He gave his life back to the Lord and couldn’t wait to tell his mom. In fact, he was so excited, he asked to use Sarah’s phone to call her. It was an incredibly moving experience for both of us.”

“The reason we support the Mission is because they are helping people who are in need,” said Sarah. “And we can see the impact of the work they are doing. They are transforming lives.”

Lives are changed every day because of volunteers like Sarah and Jason. Find out how you can use your skills and God-given gifts to bring hope to those in need:

No Vacation for the Homeless

No Vacation for the Homeless

Summer is here. School is out. Most kids can’t wait to go to the pool. Some kids are headed to summer camp. Others will be going on vacation, maybe to the beach, or to visit family. And then there are others who do not know the blessing of a vacation, much less the thought of summer camp, or even going to the pool for that matter. There is a growing portion of the population who have never experienced these luxuries—the homeless. Their summer is spent on the street, at shelters, living in cars, or bouncing between houses belonging to friends and family. It’s especially difficult when children are involved.

Before Marci and her four children, ages ranging from nine to 16, arrived at Nashville Rescue Mission, they weren’t thinking about how they were going to spend their summer vacation. They were wondering where they would sleep that night, when and where their next meal would come from, and if they would be blessed with a warm shower any time soon.

“After my kids’ father left and chose a life of drugs and addiction, we became homeless,” said Marci. They have stayed with friends and relatives. Sometimes they have slept in their car and other times on cold, concrete floors. This past winter Marci and her kids, “Lived in a house with no toilet and no electricity … we took cold showers for six months. It was horrible.”

Once they moved to Tennessee, a counselor at her daughter’s school told Marci they could get help at Nashville Rescue Mission. “I called the Mission and was told, ‘Come on, bring your kids, come in right now.’ I’ve had no luck calling shelters in the past,” said Marci, “They are either full or don’t take mom’s with kids.”


When they first arrived at the Mission, Marci’s expectations were low. But once they got checked in, she was pleasantly surprised. “It’s not what I thought it would be,” shared Marci, “it is better, much better.”

The Mission offers case management to determine each person’s unique circumstance and needs. Marci is getting help securing proper identification, has access to computers to look for job opportunities, and is getting assistance applying for housing.

“I never imagined I’d be where I’m at right now,” said Marci, “When I was a kid, I thought, I’m going to be married and live happily ever after. You know, situations happen. If the Mission wouldn’t have been here when I needed them, I don’t know what I would have done; we would probably be on the street, no telling where.”

According to the National Center on Family Homelessness, a staggering 2.5 million children are homeless each year in America. This historic high represents one in every 30 children in the United States. Determined to get their lives back on track, Marci has worked hard to get her kids settled into a new school and is looking for work.

“My kids like it here, and it’s good we are here for now,” said Marci. “But we are not planning to stay.” Marci’s ultimate goal is to secure housing and provide a more stable environment for herself and her children.

“I’m grateful for this place,” said Marci, “If I had to pay to stay here or somewhere else, I couldn’t do it. I don’t know what I would do. I’m so grateful. My kids can lay their heads down at night and sleep on comfortable beds. We have a shower … we can take baths every night. It’s amazing. And I’m grateful.”

With your help, families like Marci’s can find hope for tomorrow. Because you care enough to give, the Mission can provide homeless families food to eat, clothes to wear, a safe place to sleep, and a hot shower. At the Mission, these families can attend classes on nutrition and parenting, and receive encouragement through daily devotions. All of these things are made possible through your generosity and support.

If you would like to provide hope for those the Mission serves visit this link.

Mission in My Words- For King and Country

Mission in My Words- For King and Country

We moved from Australia to Tennessee when I (Luke) was five and Joel was seven. Our dad was a concert promoter in Australia; and when a tour he had been planning didn’t work out, we lost everything.

Thankfully, Dad had a job offer in Nashville, Tennessee. So we packed what we could into 16 suitcases and sold everything else. At the time, there were six kids—mom was pregnant with the seventh. Around two months after we arrived in Tennessee, Dad lost his job.

It was a very difficult time, but we saw God at work in our lives and we drew closer to each other. We would mow lawns and rake leaves as a family and do whatever we could to get by while Dad was looking for work. There were times when we would all sit in this furniture-less house we were renting, not knowing where the next paycheck was going to come from. We didn’t even have a car. We would sit in a circle and pray for everything, and we saw miraculous interventions!

Being from Australia, the idea of Thanksgiving was new to us. That year, we were invited into a stranger’s home to share a traditional Thanksgiving meal. At the end of the night the father of the house walked up to my mom and said, “Hey, we believe God’s told us to give you a new minivan.” So he handed over the keys!

Others found out that we didn’t have any furniture, and they showed us compassion. A few months later, we didn’t have a way to pay for my little sister’s birth. In the hospital, somebody anonymously paid for it—the whole bill!

People we didn’t know … complete strangers in the community loved on us and cared for us. That’s the biggest reason why our family stayed in Nashville—we saw neighbors loving neighbors.

It’s also one of the reasons why we love and support Nashville Rescue Mission. The Mission loves on people who are hurting and in need. The Mission provides connection and community for people who may believe they have exhausted all other options.

I know there are people who think it is enabling if you help someone who is homeless. My philosophy is a little different. It’s not my responsibility to be the judge. It is however, my responsibility to serve and to give. If a person is hungry, feed them. If someone needs a place to sleep, give this person a bed.

But I’m also uniquely aware of my helplessness. I know there are times when I can’t financially provide but I want to acknowledge them … and encourage them to seek help from a place like Nashville Rescue Mission.

In America, I don’t think homelessness is just an issue of food and shelter; often, it’s a lack of connectivity to community. There are a lot of nonprofits in Nashville that we can give to and support. What I love about the Mission is that I can see their impact on people all across this city. On behalf of for KING & COUNTRY, we love the Mission and believe in the work this organization is doing.

Grammy award-winning band, composed of Australian brothers Joel and Luke Smallbone, recently released their movie, Priceless, now available at Redbox, Walmart, Amazon, and iTunes. Also, check out their new single, “O God Forgive Us (feat. KB).”