Life Recovery

Women who are homeless, abused or chemically dependent can find refuge, safety and healing at the Nashville Rescue Mission. During her stay, a woman will receive Christian counseling, including one-on-one as well as group sessions, learn how to heal from past wounds and open up to new, healthy relationships. She will also have an opportunity to study the Bible and participate in the education program in order to improve her academic and employment skills or obtain her GED.
Mothers are also taught good parenting techniques. Bright colors, open spaces and play areas help kids regain their childhood. Each woman and her children enjoy time together where they can establish a feeling of safety and a sense “home.” After graduating, women have the opportunity to move into the Mission’s transitional housing until they are able to get back on their feet and find permanent housing.


All are given an opportunity to pursue academic and professional skills for the workplace, including job preparedness, resume writing and interviewing skills. Classes are also offered in commercial driving, nutrition and physical exercise. The women also learn about financial planning and developing a family budget. The support received from volunteers, donors, grants and other resources is invaluable. Through the advancement of education and life skills, these women come to see they can achieve greater personal wholeness and freedom through education.

Life Recovery Information

If you suffer from addiction, abuse or some other life-debilitating situation and would like to make a lasting life change, you are invited to join our Life Recovery Program. Once you have completed the introduction phase, formally known as “Gateway” you are officially enrolled and will begin your journey through the program’s five phases. While working through each phase, you will gain the skills, stability and self-esteem necessary to become a productive, self-sufficient member of society. Please be advised that this program involves a commitment to spiritual and emotional counseling, life skills, education, Bible study and work therapy, all designed to help you reach the program goal.
• On-site interview
• Climb a flight of stairs several times a day
• Get into a top bunk, if necessary
• Stand on your feet for an hour or so at a time, if necessary
• Mentally stable, able to cooperate and communicate with the staff, as well as with other clients*
• Free of legal demands on your time**
• Likelihood that after the basic part of the program, client will be able to seek and secure full-time employment in the community
Program Description:
• Not merely a substance-abuse program
• Programs are Christian in orientation, believing a commitment to Jesus Christ is not just the right thing to do, but is the healthiest way to approach life in general
• Fairly rigorous
• Requires clients attend classes, meetings, chores, exercise times, counseling, etc. nearly all day, nearly every day
• Following graduation, clients are eligible to enter transitional housing where there is a nominal charge each month
Our programs are designed to provide long-term care and guidance. With an attitude of acceptance, we seek to maintain an environment most conducive to true life-recovery for men and women who have been struggling with, for example, moral decay, alienation, addictive behavior, criminal conduct, educational inadequacies, financial problems, depression and/or hopelessness.
We hope to see every client enter into a saving relationship with Jesus Christ and restore and improve fellowship and commitment to the Lord. We want every client to improve as needed in terms of physical and emotional wellbeing, and for every client to complete the program and live thereafter in sobriety, stability and service, as well as be able to support themselves financially.
*We have limited space for those clients under psychiatric or medical care, and certain medications are banned, regardless.
**All clients must be relatively free of legal demands on their time. We accept a limited number of clients on probation, parole or furlough, but only if their probation officer is willing to work within our rules. We receive no local, state or federal funding whatsoever, and therefore are under no governmental constraints regarding how we operate.
For more information on the Mission’s Services, please call (615) 255-2475 or send an email.