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Choosing A Different Road - “I didn’t go looking for trouble. It just had a way of finding me."

Seeds of Hope Garden - “It’s rewarding to use herbs and vegetables from our own garden in the meals being prepared and served to our guests.”

Celebrating Easter - It was an incredible Easter celebration at Nashville Rescue Mission. We couldn't have done it without you.

Extreme Volunteering in Action - What do you get when Aaron’s and 120 of their managers show up?

Honor Homeless Moms - Help homeless mothers celebrate Mother’s Day

Tutus and Capes - Volunteer fights hunger, encourages play and gives hope to homeless kids with tutus and capes.

Joel Anderson - “God entrusted me with a gift of making art,” says Joel. “What do I do with this gift, how do I multiply it to bless others?”

All Things Made New - “My mom always took prescription pain medication,” says Mandy. “She was my best friend. After she died, I was lost.”

What Easter Means - For many who come to the Mission, Easter is just another day—until they learn its true meaning.

Elijah's Table - Elijah set out to feed one homeless
 man—but his efforts were multiplied.

Dave Ramsey - “Giving is one of the most rewarding things you can ever do,” says author and radio-host, Dave Ramsey.

Easter Banquet - “I used to think Easter was about
 the Easter Bunny and hunting eggs. Now I know it’s so much more.”

Serving in My Own Backyard - “I knew God was calling me to the mission field full-time. I just thought He’d send me to Africa. Instead, He’s planted me in my own backyard.”

Karyn Williams - “The first time I walked in to the Mission, I knew 
it was special. I thought it was just a shelter for those who have no place to call home. But it’s that and so much more.”

Starting Over Again - “I remember looking up at the statue of Jesus and wanting to believe in God. I would pray, but my prayers went unanswered. But one day, everything changed.”

Q and A with Glenn Cranfield - Let us never forget homelessness is an important issue that affects real people—mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, sons and daughters.

What Lending a Hand Looks Like - Picture a floating food boat and that’s just a glimpse of how Jill and Nick found a way to give back.

Jerry Walker - “It’s an honor to work with 
the Mission and help share their stories of transformation through videos,” says Emmy Award-winning photojournalist Jerry Walker.

No Place Like Home - “I’ve heard it said, most people are one paycheck away from being homeless. I’m living proof this is true and it can happen to anyone.”

In from the Cold - When the temperature drops, the Mission’s “Cold Patrol” takes action by seeking to bring the homeless in from the cold.