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Grace Church of the Nazarene - When volunteers from Grace Church of the Nazarene serve meals at the Mission, they make a personal connection. It's about more than just food...

A Mother's Day Megan Will Never Forget - Megan found herself living in an abandoned barn. Her son toddler was practically raising himself. Then, she found the Life Recovery Program...

Mission in My Words - Erika Gilmore - Erika Gilmore, the youngest woman on the Metro Council, explains why she supports Nashville Rescue Mission.

Mission in my Words - Dr. Frank Lewis - "As I walked from the hotel to the restaurant, it didn’t take long for me to soon realize why he’d suggested a cab. Nashville was very different from Henderson. The urban poor were highly visible. I saw a city with many needs."

Choosing Hope This Easter - For many people, Easter is a time of new church outfits, family gatherings, home-cooked meals, and fun activities that generate fond memories. But no one thinks of choosing to be homeless—especially at a time like Easter.

Sometimes Volunteering Changes You - When Justin lost his job, he chose to invest his time at the Mission.

In Her Shoes - Follow Lisa for a day, a homeless guest at the Mission. See what her life is like, and how it differs from yours.

Mission in My Words - Reba McEntire - Country superstar Reba McEntire explains why she gives to Nashville Rescue Mission.

25 Days of Love - Dominique Jordan didn't simply blow out 25 candles on her 25th birthday. She spent 25 days serving the Nashville community.

Hearts of Hope - You're invited to participate in Hearts of Hope - an event to show homeless and hurting women that they are loved and valued.

Mission in My Words- Jeremy Cowart - Celebrity photographer Jeremy Cowart honors the homeless each and every year with his Help Portrait event.

A Beautiful Offering - You might not think of your decorating skills as something you can share with the Mission. But Linda sure thought so!

Ben's Transformation - Ben was a professional musician...but he found himself suicidal and weak, wandering the streets of Nashville.

COLD PATROL is Ready! - Temperatures will be well below freezing this week. Our Cold Patrol is hitting the streets to ensure that the homeless stay warm and safe.

A Christmas Tree Miracle - When we started searching for a Christmas tree, we had no idea that we'd end up with THIS story...

Mission in My Words - Anna Marie - All she did was purchase something for a fellow shopper. But that little purchase went a long way...

Gifts Come in All Shapes and Sizes - “The men who live in the suburbs, with nice jobs, big houses and families, are just as desperate as the men and women staying at the Mission. We either have yet to realize that or we are simply better at hiding our issues and addictions.”

From Rejection to Redemption - The abuse began when Jill was a child. She felt hopeless. She needed help and she needed a Savior.

Bringing Hope and Building New Community - For CJ, Dana, Billy and Becky, volunteering means more than serving inside these four walls. It means developing lasting friendships.

Mission in My Words - Mayor Karl Dean - Longtime Nashville Rescue Mission supporter, Mayor Karl Dean tells why he supports the nonprofit

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