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Grace Church of the Nazarene - When volunteers from Grace Church of the Nazarene serve meals at the Mission, they make a personal connection. It's about more than just food...

A Mother's Day Megan Will Never Forget - Megan found herself living in an abandoned barn. Her son toddler was practically raising himself. Then, she found the Life Recovery Program...

Mission in My Words - Erika Gilmore - Erika Gilmore, the youngest woman on the Metro Council, explains why she supports Nashville Rescue Mission.

Mission in my Words - Dr. Frank Lewis - "As I walked from the hotel to the restaurant, it didn’t take long for me to soon realize why he’d suggested a cab. Nashville was very different from Henderson. The urban poor were highly visible. I saw a city with many needs."

Choosing Hope This Easter - For many people, Easter is a time of new church outfits, family gatherings, home-cooked meals, and fun activities that generate fond memories. But no one thinks of choosing to be homeless—especially at a time like Easter.

Sometimes Volunteering Changes You - When Justin lost his job, he chose to invest his time at the Mission.

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